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I have use this idea to memorize things for a few years. It not only can help me to memorize details, but also help me to memorize them more easily.

So I am very keen to suggest you to use it! Just draw something that can represent the thing. Then give each thing a link. That's all

Below are an example I used it to present recently

This is about museum in UK which I visited in last summer

Last Saturday, my  classmate of summer school went with me to visit a museum.

The admission was free. This museum was very big. From its outside it looked like a old building. But inside it had a very fashionable design with a lot of artistic things.

Some were very beautiful, but some were very queer. Even after you looked at them, you never know what they were, if you hadn't read the description by the side. 

This mind map is about my life plan and this had been presented in my Religious Knowledge lesson in Form5

Today , I am very happy to present my life plan to my classmate.

when I was a child I wished to make a lot of money, but it will demand a lot of wisdom, where aloes the accumulate come from? It is from the book, it takes months and years to accumulate. So now I am very attentive to learn from books at home.

On other hand is I like girl friends, cause, I don't want to be a gay! Until now, I am still alone, so I have a lot of time to concentrate for learning at home.

How can I make money ? Well, I will become a pharmacist ,this job demands very good Chemistry and biology. Then when I have saved up enough money, I will get married and may raise some children. With the rest of my money, I will open a pet clinic to make money, I will give half of money gained to my family and I will invest the other money to advanced technology, again to make more money.

OK, COME BACK NOW, all these are only my dream. But I want to make it coming true, so I need to past the Hong Kong CEE and to study at home.

Special thanks to our Miss and also my Classmate to Spend your precious time to me !