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Birthday Digital 1010
Nick name Kwan , CK Jack
Sex M
I like Travelling with friends
Sports Jogging and Swimming
Outdoors Camping , Hiking , Picnics , Scouting

Photography,Drama,Novels,Stamp Collection,Technology Magazine,The Independent,Myth, UFO, Animist, ancient history, Science, Archaeology, Chinese Medicine

Playing Flute , Piano (little)
Radio BBC radio world , 881903.com
Music All kinds except heavy Metal
Foods Vegetable, Sandwich, Fish and Chips, English breakfast and Kebab (Turkish traditional one) & of course Chinese Foods
Desserts Walnut Paste , Red Bean Soup,
Drinks Chinese Tea, Herbal Tea, Green Tea and Flower Tea--tttttttttttttt...Red Wine
Subjects Chemistry, Biology, Business but not Maths ~.~
Pets Tortoise
E-mail/MSN kwanyip@hotmail.com
facebook CK Jack Yip
blog http://www.xanga.com/ckjack/
Phone (44) 0782-438-6233/077-6543-8129
ICQ/QQ ICQ:5547-0660



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