I joined the 56TH Scout Group when I was 12. At that time , I just wanted to keep fit since I was quite fat. By now , I am not only fit , but also become more knowledgeable , for example , I have learned about discipline , leadership, social skills and know more about myself than ever.

Taking a rest at the moment, but nevertheless, each time when I look back, there is a feeling which words can't tell. Things I have gained As a Scout , I got to know more friends, different friends from many walks of life , also different age groups . I have expanded my social circle and enriched my life, much more than just a simple student.Things I have lost I used to spend most of my time in many of the Scout activities, just like cazy~, Nearly wasted all my studies. Look at the wing mirror......those events.........happy.......but is time to hide up for a while. My improvement I used to be very passive and had no any targets. After joining the scout , I have found my targets . I am much more organized . I know how to prioritize , how to think intelligently and efficiently .My weakness I like eating very much (maybe 2 much~)

this is another team that I joined for a long time, especially in Liverpool。 that is the only division with full of not ice-cream but Chinese。
but overall 有得也有失
My dream route
Central Combined Division



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